Please check the box below to accept these terms if you wish to proceed with your order.

1. Customer acknowledges that the Virtually Staging Properties photos are copyrighted and shall be used exclusively for the purpose of marketing the exact real property for sale that is depicted in the photos and detailed in this order form in accordance with these terms and conditions.  Should the ‘staged photos’ be used in an alternate manner without the written permission of, Customer will forfeit its rights to use the ‘staged’ photos for any purpose.

2. Customer is responsible for informing potential buyers and their agents that the photos have been virtually staged and that they are for presentation and marketing purposes only and that VS makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the ‘staged’ photos, including, but not limited to, furnishings scale, size, shape, color, etc.  Further, Customer represents to that the photos provided by Customer (or their representative) to be virtually staged have not been edited or 're-touched' in any way and agrees to not edit or 'touch-up' the staged photos at any time. 

3. The staged photos shall only be used for the exact property identified on this form.

4. Customer is responsible for determining that the use of the ‘staged’ photos is in compliance with any and all applicable rules of any outlet in which the ‘staged’ photos are utilized.

5. Customer agrees that the ‘staged’ photos will not be made part of any agreement between the relevant parties to a purchase, sale or rental agreement or any other agreement.

6. Customer holds the rights to the original photos, or has obtained permission from the owners of the photos, and conveys all necessary rights to to perform its Virtually Home Staging Properties service on the photos, as well as to use the photos in its own marketing efforts and brand the staged photos.

7. will undertake its best efforts to produce a final product similar to that of the images maintained on the Gallery Page of our website, however the quality, style and format of the pictures provided to will have a significant impact on the quality of the final product produced.  Any modifications or re-work to the final product requested by Customer will be billed at an hourly rate of $35/hr.

8. I authorize to charge my credit card for the total amount due as detailed in this order form upon completion of the project.  Additionally, I authorize to obtain pre-approval authorization for the amount to be charged prior to beginning its work.  Further, I understand that should pre-approval not be provided by customer’s credit card company, shall not begin work.  OUR CHARGE WILL APPEAR ON YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT AS: VRSTAGE